Epic Chatter Launch Meeting - Thank You!

So now that my nerves have settled and all is well in my world, I wanted to tell everyone that came out thank you from the bottom of my heart

As a recap, our conversation centered around the purpose of the group and the focus we have on encouragement. We all have a story and had the opportunity to be open and honest with one another. I'm sure we will discover new things about one another each time we meet. We also made goal charts focusing closely on the next 30 days, a year goal, and five years down the road. Doing something obtainable is key to doing tasks that seem out of our reach, and these smaller goals will help us to feel satisfied each time we achieve one of them. We're all here to encourage each other to work towards these goals in the remainder of goal timelines.

I hope you will join me for our next meeting on November 6th as we check in on our goals. We'll give recaps on progress we've made towards our goals over the last month, as well as encourage one another to keep going. We'll also do some activities to help us feel better prepared to battle negative thoughts. Negative thoughts can not only hinder our direction in life, but can have a direct effect on our bodies physically. 

I look forward to learning more about each and every one of you as we continue to meet and grow together.

See photos from the opening meeting here.

Reserve your spot to the November meeting here. RSVP to the Facebook event and invite your friends here.

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