Love Encouraging

Love, love, love encouraging. Encouragement is at the center of Epic Chatter. At our last meeting I showed a video that had been circulating on Facebook. 

I want to point out two big details I noticed in this video, outside the act of charity. The first is how each of them reacted. The younger man made some assumptions, and while never acting on them, it was easy to see he had pre-judged the older man across from him. The older man also never said a word, and was more careful in guarding his reactions to the younger man even though he probably had his own opinion of the situation. Are either of them wrong? In my opinion, no, not really. Both made actions based on doing the right thing, while maintaining their thoughts and not acting out. 

The biggest difference between the two men is in the older man’s reaction. He never loses his joy, continuing to enjoy himself as he eats his donut, showing compassion to the younger man eating alongside him. The younger man grows increasingly annoyed, and you can see his stress level rising both mentally and physically. His thoughts were having a direct affect on his body.

Our brains are wired for love. Any thoughts that fight that intuitive feeling are going against our natural instinct to show and give love. 

Personally, I love to tell stories that will help to provide a better visual. The story of Cinderella is one most people are familiar with. In this situation, the evil stepmother and sisters are the circumstances. If we were Cinderella, how would we react to our circumstances? We see Cinderella get hurt and taken advantage of, emotional over her unfortunate situation. We also see her rise above it all, singing and finding peace in nature and with herself.

Regardless of the circumstances Cinderella has been given, she still finds ways to help others. Helping those around us is key to finding our own joy. It can get us out of a rut and change the direction our lives are moving towards. Small choices, like choosing to help others, turn into bigger choices that lead to better circumstances and finding our own joy. 

Choosing to control the circumstances led to Cinderella meeting her fairy Godmother. For me, the fairy Godmother is God, but others may see her as the Universe, Law of Attraction, yourself, whatever you believe in. Cinderella had a dream of attending the ball and her fairy Godmother is with her every step of the way to help her get there. 

This can be where things get complicated. Our fairy Godmother depends on our own thoughts and feelings on that day. Often we allow our feelings to overtake our thoughts, which is often when our lives can begin to feel out of our control. We might not even realize things are so bad until we’re in a deep rut we can’t pull ourselves out of. Cinderella still had to go back home where she woke up the next morning with her real life and circumstances waiting for her, with only the glass slipper to remind her of what she got to experience. We are all just one step away from being a Cinderella. 

I think Cinderella had two choices the morning after the ball: she could choose to be overcome by her circumstances, or she could take a leap of faith and try the shoe on. Cinderella didn’t have to make her fairytale night happen all on her own either; she had support from others that cared for her, just as we do. She didn’t get her fairytale by being mean, but by being kind, honest, and true to herself. In the end, she wins and ends up in the big castle with the prince.

When you control your thoughts, you have the chance to control your future.

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