Redefine Beauty, Encourage Freedom

My name is Heather. I'm 36 years old and I’m tired. Tired of walking through life feeling alone. Tired of surface-level interactions with my peers. Tired of never being enough. Tired of being tired of it all. I can’t be alone in my exhaustion. I figured there have to be others in my community who feel like I do and are just looking for others to share this weight with.

That’s why Epic Chatter was born, so we could carry that weight together. This whole thing came up selfishly, that is the raw truth. As a mom, foster mom, homeschool mom, entrepreneur, business partner, wife, daughter, and friend, somewhere in there I have to find me. Some days I want to make light of the mountain of responsibility in front of me, and other days I over-complicate everything and make it all worse for myself. But somewhere in the midst of the chaos I have to find myself; find out who I really am and what truly brings me joy.

Sometimes I like to imagine that I’m Ariel (yes, the Little Mermaid). I’m under water, somehow still walking and breathing normally, humming along. In that moment I feel peace and a reassurance that I can handle it — all of it. This is an environment I want to create in my community, a peace that is overwhelming and all-encompassing. A space where face-to-face conversations bring encouragement, support, and honesty, without any of the judgment, condemnation and fear that so often consumes our social interactions.

I hope you will join me for our inaugural meeting on October 16th. Let’s be selfish together and put the focus back on ourselves. I’d love to share my heart, my story and my vision for this group with you so we can create this community together.

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