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Warrior games

the event of the year


Why warrior games?

SOCOM will be working in partnership with us! This is so exciting for our company, since veteran roots run deep within EPIC. What better way to give back then to see how many local businesses we can round up, making this one EPIC homecoming! 

2019 will be the first year SOCOM is taking Warrior Games off base and into the community. Our goal is to generate enough sponsorship to provide these athletes with the healing touch necessary to compete at a level worthy of the games. 


4002 West State Street | Suite #200 | Tampa, FL, 33609


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In addition to your support via sponsorship, we are also accepting In-Kind gift donations. Feel free to discuss this option with members of our leadership team so that together, we can make Warrior Games 2019 EPIC.

Big or small, your contribution will not go unnoticed. Thank you in advance for being a valued member of our community and taking the time to consider helping support EPIC’s efforts to give back and provide these athletes with the quality care they deserve.

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